Near Vision Test for Children.

  • Used to test near vision in children and young adults
  • Tests visual ability not reading ability
  • Matching tasks make it useful for assessing non readers
  • Designed by Gayle Lamb, experienced and qualified teacher of students with vision impairments

Near Vision Test for Children
Near Vision Test for Children

Each test includes:

Words In Context
Each passage is 25 words in length so the examiner can compare the child's speed and fluency with various print sizes. Each passage contains commonly used grammatical structures and experiences and concepts familiar to children.

Word Matching booklet & card
Useful for non readers. Words have been chosen for their high frequency of use but restricted to 3 and 4 letter words with no ascenders or descenders.

Letter Matching booklet & card
Useful for non readers. Letters have been chosen for equal legibility and are presented in upper case.

Print size transparency.
Overlay this transparency onto a page of text to determine the print size used.

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